Player of the Month & Most Improved 

Player of the Month- Jake 

Jake is a very skillful young man, he has really excelled over the last 3/4 months. He works very hard and listens throughout every sessions. 
Jake has an older brother which helps him have that competitive side. 
Jake loves doing step overs and scoring goals, watch this space because Jake will be playing for Skills School Elite team very soon.....

Keep up the good work
Coach Luke 

Most improved of the Month - Spencer Walker

Spencer has been with Skills School 2 Years now, Spencer has really improved at our Elite group recently, started thinking a lot more and not just dribbling with the ball all the time.
Spencer is a really funny young man and is always the first to arrive in session with a smile.
Spencer loves football so much and its fantastic to see how much he has improved recently, scoring goals for Skills School and Redhill FC.

Great work Spencer
Coach Luke 


Player of the Month- Charlie Wainscoat

Charlie is someone i have known since receptions, i have taught both his older brothers before i started working with Charlie. 
Charlie has really benefited from having two older brothers specially his oldest who i know works hard with Charlie getting him better. Charlie is still learning lots of skills and when to use them in the matches. 
Charlie is one of our u6 Elite and will be going to academies in the near future to represent Skills School. 

Keep up the good work
Coach Luke 

Most improved of the Month - Sam Allen

Sam is currently in reception and plays with our Year 1s on a Saturday. Sam is someone who has been with us for the last 6 months now and has improved massively over this time.
Sam is forever practicing his skills and continuously working hard to get better. We are looking forward to working with Sam more in the future. 

Great work Sam
Coach Luke 


Player of the Month- Ellis Jurado

Ellis Jurado has not just been working towards Player of the Month for a short while, but has been determined to reach his goal for the past year.
Ellis has improved leaps and bounds on and off the football pitch. At football camps he took a step up again and really stood out as someone who is a leader.
Ellis is always willing to try new skills or show off the skills he has learnt over the last few sessions. He has really worked hard over the last few months and was a clear winner for this months, Player of the Month.
Ellis is now part of Chipstead's team and this has really helped him throughout the sessions. Great work Ellis

Keep up the good work
Coach Luke 

Most improved of the Month - Jacob Hill 

Jacob has had a fantastic month and has always worked hard and listens well.
Anyone who knows Jacob knows he's a rugby player and we have been trying to take the aggressive tackling out of him. We always ban slide tackles and Jacob this month has been fantastic adapting to the rule.
Jacob now practices his skills when he gets a chance and practicing his skills will enhance him with his rugby. Jacob is always giving his all in every session and never moans or argues with anyone.
He tries his best regardless of the team or the situation he is put in.

Great work Jacob
Coach Luke 


Player of the Month & Most Improved

Player of the Month & Most Improved of The Year 

Player of the Year- Seth Hope 

Seth Has been with Skills School since day one, he attends all of our programs and has really excelled over the last year.
Seth was chosen to taken to play in our game against Brighton and showed all the skills he has learnt over the last year. Seth has not just improved his skills and footballing ability, but he his attitude towards every session is also excellent.
Seth is very competitive and is quick to tell you when the scores are getting close, this helps Seth this out situations in a game.
 Seth is a player every coach at Skills School loves working with and we can't wait to see Seth more over the next few years and to see him playing for a team next year.

Great work this Year Seth
Coach Luke

Most Improved of the Year- Dylan Plumridge

Dylan as well as Seth has been with us since the start and it has been an up and down experience for Dylan. Dylan once again is very competitive which can sometimes show in games but over the last year has really matured and learnt his skills. 
Dylan is now more confident on and off the football pitch, is forever practicing his new skills and is always willing to show his new skills off.
Dylan's attitude to everyone has really improved and is now everyone's first pick for their teams on tournament week.
I can't wait to see how Dylan improves over the next few months and hopefully by September will be playing for a team which I know his family are really keen for him to achieve.
Well Done Dylan Great work this Year.
Coach Luke

Player of the Month & Most Improved of February

Player of the Month- Callum Lewis 

Callum has impressed us since the first day we met him, but he has really come on in the last few months where he has been training with Brighton FC.
I really enjoy coaching Callum, he’s the first one ready and I use him in my demonstrations all the time. Best thing about Callum is that he’s always willing to learn and improve and always tries to be the best he can be and this makes coaching him so easy.
His confidence and ability has improved huge amounts over the last few months and he’s really starting to stand out.

Well done Callum, keep going.
Coach Bradley

Most improved of the Month - Ben Francis

Ben has really impressed all of our coaches this term, he has really improved his passing and dribbling this month.
Ben attends our futsal program and you can see his improvement in all the other sessions. Ben is a pleasure to work with, he is a very cheeky character, but offers a lot to all of our sessions.
This month he has been practicing his step overs more and more and is always very keen to show the skills he has been practicing.

Ben has now started using these skills in a game to get past defenders. All the coaches are really looking forward to keep working with Ben as we can constantly see improvement.


Keep up the good work Ben 

Coach Luke 


Player of the Month- Joshua Bate

This month Josh has really excelled with his skills and control. Due to this improvement, we have invited Josh to play a ‘Year up’ in our game against Brighton. We have invited Josh because of his great attitude and enthusiasm. He’s always willing to try his new skills and constantly looking for that little bit of space

to dribbling into.

All the coaches at Skills School think very highly of Josh and if he

maintains this good work, he will improve each week.
Well Done Josh!
Coach Luke


Most improved of the Month - Owen Jones

Owen is a player who excels in any atmosphere you put him in. He has to win everything he does and tries his hardest. Owen Plays with the years 3/4 despite only being a year 2. Owen has been training with us for a year now and we have seen improvements on and off the pitch. This is why Owen has won our ‘most improved’ of the Month. 
Previously, Owen would’ve got upset when his team was losing but now he tries his best, regardless of the score. 
Owen has also really improved his ‘Step Over’s’ and ‘Ronaldo Chops’ this term and is gaining confidence using them against the older boys.

Well done Owen 
Coach Luke 

Player of the Month & Most Improved of January


Player of the Month- Taylor Huntley

Taylor was an easy pick for this month. His attitude, behavior and ability made him stand out this month. Taylor has been moved up to the older group on the Tuesday’s, and has really excelled during this term.

Coach Bradley always praises Taylor's attitude and how much he has improved. Our objective for Taylor over the next few months is to really push him and try to keep getting him to improve.

With even more hard work and improvement, Taylor could be invited to one of our games in the near future and give him the chance to improve with better players of his age.

Keep up the great work Taylor.

Coach Luke & Bradley


Most Improved of the Month - Kyle Hussey

Kyle trains with us on a Monday evening and has been playing with us for nearly a year now. Kyle has always excelled in all our sessions, but this term was different as he has really matured and has become a great role model for all the other children in the sessions

 Kyle plays for Merstham Fc and always tells us every Monday how well he did on the weekend and how many goals he scored. Kyle is a really helpful young man and will always offer to help the coaches each session.

During this term he really improved and has shown great potential and impressed everyone at the sessions.

Keep up the fantastic work Kyle.

Coach Luke