Skills School Goalkeeping Development Center

Tuesday 15th November til 13 December (5 Weeks)
Ages 5-12
£5 a session or £16 for block sessions
5-6:00 Royal Alexandra and Albert School.
** Free Trial**

Skills School Development Center we aim to give every keeper the opportunity to develop as goalkeepers through technical input but also to enjoy their role as a goalkeeper by including an element of fun and games into our goalkeeping sessions. We shall try to include as many aspects of goalkeeping as we can with our outstanding coaches.

Below is a brief list of topics that will be covered during the goalkeeping sessions:

  • Handling (basic and advanced)
  • Footwork
  • Goalkeeping positions
  • Distribution (Throwing & Kicking)
  • Diving
  • One v One
  • Punching the ball
  • Recovery saves
  • Shot stopping

The list is endless but this will give you an idea of how complex the role of a goalkeeper is in the modern game. A keeper today is not also expected to be good with his hands but also with his feet.


Goalkeeping Equipment Required For Training

  • Goalkeeping Gloves
  • Rain wear
  • Goal keeping trousers/shorts
  • A Drink
  • Shin pads
  • Boots/Trainers